Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finally, a post!!!

I finished this project last week, but haven't been able to get the photos up till now. I took them on my parents new, AMAZING camera. I love it and totally want one. My camera is total crap and I never take photos with it. Kinda stupid considering that I love scrapbooking. I have no photos to work with! I'm seriously thinking about getting one. It's not too expensive and takes beautiful photos.

Hmm...anyways, I made this album for my boss at work. She's been the principal at the school I work at since I was in grade two and now, after twenty years there, she's retiring. She's been an amazing support to me over the years and has played a big role in my own path to teaching. Anyways, I'm very thankful for her support and motivation so I wanted to make something special for her. She loves purple, so here it is...(by the way, it's huge)...

See! Gorgeous, but huge. I warned you.

Okay, I have another new post with photos of my August class coming up BUT, I'm getting up very early in the morning to go camping so I will post it when I get back.

See ya!