Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Been Getting Back to Work

While I have done quite a lot of scrapbooking this past year, I haven't really done anything since school started up in September and I went back to work. I got a contract teaching position this fall (yay!!!), which is excellent, but it has been keeping me rather busy. I also took on a HUGE project this summer, which I will be posting pictures of shortly...

Anyways, this past weekend was Thanksgiving and I managed to set aside some time to scrap and it was great. I have a few projects on the go that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to finish up. I bought a smashbook this summer (and a tonne of fun accessories to go with it) and can't wait to start it, but promised myself that I would finish a few projects first. So, this weekend I went to work on one of those. Of the various projects that I have on the go, these are my priorities:

*My California Road Trip Album
2 years late! Can I use the excuse that I bit off way more than I can chew with this project? Although, it's gonna be so worth it in the end...
*Our Life Together
An album documenting my boy and I's daily life together (home, dog, family, friends, etc).
*Charlotte's Baby Album
An album documenting the first year of my best friend's daughter's life. Such a cutie, this album is going to be so sweet.

I have a few others I want to make, but these are my priorities right now (especially Charlotte's as I want to make sure it's done to give to her mom on her first birthday). BUT, if I make some progress with them I will allow myself to start on my smashbook, which, selfishly, is going to be ALL ABOUT ME!!!

I also have decided to sign up for an online techniques class offered by Jessica Acs at A Spoonful of Sugar. I've taken some classes from her before and have her mini album book and she is great. This design is a part of my goal to try to broaden my skills and style as a scrapbooker as I would, eventually, love to get on a design team for one of my favourite scrapbooking companies!!!

So, those are my plans and my goals and I PROMISE that I will start taking pictures soon so that this blog is not so BORING.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends,


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